First Round


August 15, 2018


You are cordially invited to submit a proposal to this year’s AAERI Annual Conference.


Proposals must be original, and must not have been published or presented at another professional meeting. All proposals will be peer-reviewed by professional scholars and may include completed research or research in progress.   


Proposals should summarize the major objectives or focus, the theoretical perspective, research methods or techniques, data sources, results, conclusions, and educational or scientific significance of the work.


Proposals may be submitted in one of five presentation formats: 


Research  Papers:                                Completed data-based studies. Literature reviews, essays, position papers or extended presentations are encouraged in another format.
Discussion Groups                                        Interactive sessions which stimulate participation, discussion, debate, and group interaction.
Symposia:   Integrated dialogues among 3 or more participants concerning a well-defined topic, scholarly review of issues and an opportunity to hear and engage in dialogue about cutting-edge research.
Round Tables:   Small group discussions intended for sharing information about research in progress, focused policy, practice, professional, and/or theoretical concerns.
Poster Sessions:   Presents work-in-progress which permits scholars with similar research interests to interact in collegial format.


Papers in all formats will be evaluated according to criteria as follows:

  • Significance of the problem or issue to the field
  • Originality of the work
  • Adequacy of the theoretical/conceptual framework
  • Appropriateness of the mode of inquiry
  • Rigor and accuracy of the analysis of the data
  • Clarity of the written exposition of ideas, analyses, and arguments
  • Reasonableness of stated conclusions and implications in light of findings and previous research



  • A cover sheet for each primary author/coauthor containing name, address, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.
  • A two-page double-spaced proposal, the presentation title, names, affiliations and e-mail addresses of all authors and co-authors.  
  • Conference and membership fees for presenters including all authors and co-authors


Cover Sheet and proposal should be sent electronically (Microsoft Word) to or mailed with fees (check, money order, or online payment) to:

c/o Dr. Sherwood Thompson

128 Castlewood Drive

Richmond, KY 40475.


Recognizing that individuals at different institutions have varying schedules, the AAERI has established three dates for the submission of proposals: (1st) June 15, 2018 (2nd) August 15, 2018, and (Final) Sept. 30, 2018. Registration fees will increase after each deadline. If fees are not paid by October 15, 2018, authors’ names will be removed from the program. Please note that primary authors are responsible for assuring all applicable fees are paid by their co-authors.