Association for the Advancement of Educational Research
The Journal for the Advancement of Educational Research (JAER) publishes scholarly papers, descriptive and timely reports, and continuing information and findings related to research and development in education.
The Editorial Board of the Journal encourages submission of articles with the understanding that it is to be published exclusively in the Journal for the Advancement of Educational Research. 

All manuscripts for the journal should be submitted to:

Dr. Monica L. Parson
192 Brush Tavern Dr.
Lynchburg, VA 24502.

E-mail:, Tel. 434-582-7030.
To be published in the Journal for the Advancement of Educational Research, manuscripts should meet the following criteria:
Importance. The manuscript should make a significant contribution to research in the field of education.
Relevance to Audience. The manuscript should be relevant to educators in diverse fields/settings.
Methodological Adequacy. Manuscripts reporting empirical studies should have clearly described designs and methods, and clearly formulated findings/conclusions supported by valid, reliable data. Other manuscripts (on theory development or methodological issues) are supported by appropriate documentation, reasoning, and/or examples.
Manuscript. Authors should submit an original manuscript and two blind copies. In addition, the manuscript should be submitted in a two-column format on a floppy disc in Microsoft Word format.
Preparation of Copy. The manuscript (including references) should be double spaced with one inch margins, two columnar, in Arial font and should not exceed 15 pages. A separate cover sheet should indicate the title of the article and the name(s) and full academic degrees of the author(s). Choose one author to act as the receiver of all correspondence, and include his or her name, address, position, institution, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address (this information should only appear on the original copy and not on the blind copies). In addition, a short one paragraph abstract should accompany manuscript submission (not to exceed 150 words).
Style and References. Manuscripts and references should follow the American Psychological Association, 5th Edition guidelines. All written material including references should be double-spaced.
Costs. All authors must pay journal fees when submitting a manuscript to cover the publication costs. These are $140 for the first author and $55 for each additional author listed. All authors must pay AAER membership dues for the year of submission (if submitting the article in 2015 then, the 2015 dues must accompany the manuscript fees. The first author must maintain membership dues for two years from the date of submission which is consistent with publication timeline. Membership fees are $145 for active professionals and $75 for students and retired professionals. The membership year dues extend from January 1 to December 31 of each year and do not include membership dues paid for the previous conference. Please send all checks to: Dr. Merve Lynch, 59 Clear Pond Drive, Walpole, MA  02081.
Manuscript Acceptance. Submissions will be reviewed by the editorial board. The average time for review and acceptance or rejection is three months after April 1st of the projected publication year.  If a manuscript is rejected, all journal fees (but not membership fees) will be returned.
Due Date. All manuscripts must be received by April 1st to be considered for publication in the Journal.