Association For The Advancement Of Educational Research International

Executive Board

President of Fellows Division

Dr. Shirlene Smith Augustine

Vice President of Conference Planning

Dr. Doris Thompson

Vice President of Nursing Education

Dr. Jeanette Lupinacci

Executive Secretary

Dr. Dixie Abernathy

Director of the Affiliation with International, National, and Regional Educational Research Association

Dr. Ben Koissaba

Journal Editor

Dr. Rob Ceglie

Director, Communications
Dr. Dina Schwam
Georgia State University

Director, Paper Review
Philliph Mutisya

Director of Publications and Program Review

Honorable Aminah M. Thompson

Director, Organizational Development and Change
Theresa Jordan
Clinical Psychological Consultant, Aiken SC

Director, School & Research Association Relations
Joyce Robinson
Consultant, Robinson Educational Consulting

Director, Development of International Programs
Philliph Mutisya
North Carolina Central University

Director, Paper Review
Philliph Mutisya

Director, Conference Development
Richard Grallo
Metropolitan College of New York

 Director, Gender Research
Valjeaner Brewington Ford
University of North Carolina-Pembroke

Director of Special Programs

Dr. Teresa Puckaber

Director of Graduate Student Participation

Dr. Lina Warren

Director of Teaching and Learning

Dr. Amy Thornburg

Director of Website Development

Dr. Daniel Eadens