Association For The Advancement Of Educational Research International

Executive Board

Co-Executive Director & CEO; Vice President, Conference Planning

Dr. Doris Thompson

Co-Executive Director; Journal Managing Editor

Hon. Aminah Thompson, Esq.

President; Director of Geographic Representatives

Dr. Cassandra Sligh Conway

Executive Secretary; President-Elect

Dr. Dixie Abernathy

Journal Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Rob Ceglie

President, NAER; Director of Ethics; Associate Journal Editor

Dr. Louis Tietje

Director of Board and School Relations; Director of Educational Leadership

Dr. Peter Cistone

Dr. Kenneth Coopwood
Vice President, NAER

Director of Ethics
Dr. Steven Cresap

Director of Website Development
Dr. Daniel Eadens

Director of Gender Research
Dr. Valjeaner Ford

Vice President for Research & Technology; Director of Conference Development
Dr. Richard Grallo

 Past President; Director of Conference Evaluation
Dr. Lori Hunt

Director of Organizational Leadership & Change

Dr. Teresa Jordan

Director of the Affiliation with International, National and Regional Educational Research

Dr. Ben Koissaba

Vice President for Nursing Education; Director of Health & Nursing Education

Dr. Jeanette Lupinacci

Director of Development of International Programs; Associate Journal Editor; Past President

Dr. Philliph Masila Mutisya

Geographic Region 3 Director for Educational Programs; Director of Marketing and Developing

Dr. Peter Ndiangui

Director of Science Education

Dr. Nelson Ngo

Director of Marketing and Development; Associate Journal Editor

Dr. Bozena Padykula

Vice President for Nursing Education

Dr. Joan Palladino

Director of Special Programs

Dr. Teresa Puckaber

Past President; Director of Conference Evaluation

Dr. Louis Reed

Director of Membership

Dr. Nancy Ressi-Durham

Director of Mathematics Education

Dr. Enders Robinson

Director of School & Research Association Relations; Past President

Dr. Joyce McPeake Robinson

Director of Kinesiology & Recreation; Director of Gender Research

Dr. Jerono Rotich

Director of Communications

Dr. Dina Schwam

Associate Journal Editor

Dr. Tara Shepperson

Director of Professional Education & Professional Development

Dr. Timony Siegler

Director of Content Area Programs; Director of Cultural Competence, Diversity and Social Justice

Dr. Rose Skepple

President of Fellows Division

Dr. Shirlene Smith

Director of Teaching and Learning

Dr. Amy Thornburg

Director of Graduate Student Participation; Director of Health and Nursing Education

Dr. Linda Warren

Associate Journal Editor

Dr. Diane Wright